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Very warm water, (above the aircraft).
Mitsubishi Zero ran out of fuel and landed in the lagoon at Nukuoro.  Pilot survived and lived with local people where he produced two children.  Both children have since died but their offspring and now grandchildren survive in USA.  (More details from readers appreciated).






(1970)"オーストラリアの海洋探検"(1986) - 1分シーケンスが"人と海の野生動物水瓶座"ドキュメンタリー映画に出演。おそらく、我々は最終的に(あなたチューブを経由して)ここにそのフィルムを取り付けることができるでしょう。

脚注:我々は学ぶFacebookの上の人々を介して、パイロットはキャプテンTosiuki Hiachiだった、我々はアメリカでの彼の壮大な娘(2010年6月3日現在)との接触をした。


16mm film frame (above)

 Special effect

  2013 Oregon (USA) the  Great grand-daughter of  the Japanese Zero pilot Captain Tosiuki Hiachi  - who crash-landed the above aircraft  in the lagoon 1945, part of his unknown (to himself), island family. ©

2013年オレゴン州(USA)日本のゼロパイロットキャプテンTosiuki Hiachiの万里の孫娘 - ラグーン1945年に上記の航空機クラッシュ-上陸、彼の未知の部分(自分自身に)、島の家族。©

(Above) from 16mm film frame
Stone fish
New large file size
Missing tail allows this view

New large file size (Nov. 2014)
Zero rests in shallow water just off the beach at Dua Dudanga, Nukuoro.

A carrier based aircraft that ran out of fuel while being chased  and made a forced water landing in the lagoon at Nukuoro Atoll.  

The pilot survived and lived on the island where  two children born to him, both have since died. 

Aircraft was intact apart from a missing tail section.  Dangerous stone fish lived inside the aircraft.

A one minute sequence appeared in the documentary films“Aquarius – People and Wildlife of the Sea” (1970) “Australian Seafari” (1986).  Perhaps we'll eventually be able to attach that film here (via You Tube).

Footnote: Via people on Facebook we learn the pilot was Captain Tosiuki Hiachi and we have made contact with his grand daughter in USA (as of June 3, 2010).   

Apparently he had an additional two children born to him while based on another island.

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  1. December, 1964 was on the island, our camp was next to the inlet where at that time the Kasalliha came in with rice and picked up the copra. We were there with the United States Air Force doing mapping. No GPS or satilites then. I dove down to the Zero and pulled and pryed two parts off. I have one to day(a brass cap with threads on it). At the time there was a man and his wife and child doing reaserch for the University of Illinois out of Chicago. We had a Christmas feast and got to see there Santa Claus. Not you little round man with a beard but a man in kroker sacks and a big wooden mask. The children chased him around the village with switches.