Sunday, 24 June 2012


(Left) Daniel. (Right)  unknown both at Nukuoro

Edwin McBride Really nice photos! Thanks. Second ones down are Rosenda David, who is on Facebook, holding a bowl, and Desina, who lives in U.S with her daughter, who is also on FB. Great pic of Daniiel, Only one I've seen of him. Mikela in the yellow dress - haven't heard much about her. Nercy died of cancer, hard to believe. Mamer (with puppet) often comes to U.S; her sister Lolida lives in Australia and is on FB too.

Facebook 5 July 2012

Bareana was sad, both her parents were going to Pohnepei by boat that day.

Pohnepei (Wikipedia)  <Click

Nukuoro Atoll  < Click


Nukuoro pork

(Ed McBride pic with an 'art effect' added,  features Mikela in yellow dress)

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