Sunday, 24 June 2012

#7. CANOES - (Includes Papua New Guinea expedition)

Chance encounter - canoe was transporting a politician to another island. Following small pictures are obviously from Papua New Guinea, plus larger 'launching canoe' at the foot section.  Included for a comparison.  Pictures taken in 1972.

Man on the rudder

 Arriving at destination

In the lagoon
Married couples

Big pig


HQ scan (November 2014)


John Harding (self) made a documentary film in 1972 off the east coast of New Guinea which showed this canoe, highly decorated, with white cowrie shells. I sailed aboard this boat for an hour.  This was a year or two before New Guinea became independent from Australia.  Maybe I should add some additional pictures here?  These hand-made canoes have become rare today.

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